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The 2021 ExtraGive Was Extraordinary!


After OMPH School’s success in the 2020 ExtraGive, we set some lofty goals for 2021:

  • Raise $200,000 in 24 hours.

  • Finish in the Top Ten of all organizations for dollars raised.

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of the OMPH School community, we not only achieved our goals – we crushed them! As the clock struck midnight on November 19, 2021, OMPH School finished 8th among the 516 participating organizations, placing it in the top 2% of all non-profits in Lancaster County.

After prizes and stretch funds were added to the generosity of our donors, we reached a grand total of $235,595.67 – a whopping 44% increase over the $162,969.88 we raised in 2020 – wow!

The Fund for OMPH School, which includes gifts from the ExtraGive, makes a difference for each of our students every day. Here are just a few examples of the initiatives our donors are supporting:

  • Opening the doors to a Catholic education by providing over $140,000 in tuition assistance this year.

  • Continuing physical improvements to our school building including lighting upgrades and enhancements in the classrooms.

  • New programs and initiatives, including our expanded Preschool program, which directly support our efforts to further our mission.


to the more than 600 alumni, parents, friends, staff, grandparents and students – our donors --who made it happen.

We are profoundly grateful!


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