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OMPH Alumni Achieve Honor Roll at Lancaster Catholic High School

Congratulations to the following OMPH School graduates who were recognized by Lancaster Catholic for the Second Quarter Honor Roll:

Seniors: Caroline Erb (Distinguished), Ella Cassidy (Distinguished), Cecilia Deel (Distinguished),

Daniel Duchesneau (Distinguished), Ryan Graczyk (Distinguished), Emma Kirchner (Distinguished), Erin Mohr (Distinguished), Erin Haldeman (Distinguished), Lizbeth Stephan (Distinguished),

Jacob Mercer (Distinguished)

Juniors: Kyle Francis (Distinguished), Maxine Rann, Alexis Baker (Distinguished), Michael Burns (Distinguished), Maria DeTrempe (Distinguished), Colin McCullough (Distinguished), Jocelyn Miller (Distinguished), Daniel Leonard (Distinguished), Isabelle Titzer (Distinguished)

Sophomores: Tyler Miller, Daniel Titi, Sam Cassidy (Distinguished), Matthew Mercer (Distinguished/Student of the Quarter)

Freshman: Autumn Lipson, Kyra Francis (Distinguished), Emily Hoffmann, Noah Hollenbacher, Savannah Lamison, Sean McAleer, Velia Ruzic (Distinguished), Alex Sheaffer (Distinguished),

Julie Leonard, Laura Lapp (Distinguished), Maeve Milligan

We are proud of our graduates!


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