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Welcome back, OMPH Alumni!

We’d love to know what you’ve been up to since graduating from OMPH School! 

Send an email to for a chance to be featured on our Alumni page.  

Alumni Spotlights

Kevin Draeger-Spotlight.jpg

Class of 2016

Kevin Draeger

"OMPH School gave me the

foundation I needed to start off my academic journey."

William McCormac.jpg

Class of 2017

William McCormac

"OMPH School always reminded me
of the importance of helping others
in my community."

Anthony Quagliata.jpg

Class of 2014

Anthony Quagliata

"OMPH School prepared me to be a good student, teaching me how to be disciplined."

Morgan Caramenico.jpg

Class of 2013

Morgan Caramenico

"Throughout my time at OMPH School, I was always into volunteering and helping out in the community."


Class of 2017

Lizbeth Stephan

"OMPH School fostered in me the passion I have for music which helped me determine by desired career path."


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