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Middle School Grades

Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade students study matter, energy, and earth science topics. Students participate in the school Science Fair and work on composting and starting plants in the school greenhouse. One of the highlights of Sixth Grade is being partnered with our Preschool students as Prayer Pals. Students meet monthly to help with crafts, read stories, and provide a familiar face in the hallway!  Sixth grade math concepts include measurement, number sense, operations with fractions, decimals and integers, ratios, and problem solving skills.

Mrs. Dinovis - 6th.jpg

Mrs. Ann DiNovis, Teacher


The Golden Apple Award symbolizes a teacher’s professional excellence, leadership,

commitment to Catholic values, and devotion to teaching in Catholic schools.


Hello, I am Mrs. Ann DiNovis, the 6th Grade homeroom teacher. I also instruct the  6th, 7th and 8th Grade students in Math and Science. I am a parishioner of St. James Parish in Lititz. I have a BA in Biology from the Catholic University of America, and earned my education certification at Millersville University. Catholic education at OMPH School has been an important part of my family’s life for many years. My children are graduates of OMPH School, and several grandchildren as well. I enjoy teaching in a Catholic school where forming our children in the faith, as well as in academics, is paramount.

Seventh Grade

During the school year, each grade covers various literary topics, such as plot, theme, characters etc. Students will learn about these topics using novels, as well as their anthologies. Each class focuses on different types of writing. In 6th Grade students review writing good paragraphs, then move on to How-To Presentations. 7th Grade students look at descriptive essays and argumentative essays. 8th Graders focus on business letters and persuasive essay writing. All three classes work on literary analysis at the end of the school year.

Seventh Grade science focuses on chemistry in the fall and biology in the spring. Seventh Grade math begins with data analysis and probability — students create and analyze line plots, bar graphs, line graphs, histograms, scatter plots and box and whisker plots. Other topics include expressions and equations, percentages, integers, solving equations, and geometry.


Mrs. Natasha Pickett, Teacher

Hello, my name is Natasha Pickett and I am the 7th Grade homeroom teacher, and the Middle School Integrated Language Arts (ILA) teacher. I am an alumna of Our Mother of Perpetual Help School, Lancaster Catholic High School, and Alvernia University. I am a parishioner of St. James Catholic Church in Lititz. My two children attend OMPH School, and I feel Catholic education is a wonderful opportunity for all children, Catholic and non-Catholic. I look forward to helping your child on his/her journey!

Eighth Grade

In Middle School Religion, Eighth Grade students cover a wide range of topics including the Holy Trinity, the components of the Mass, and strengthening their Faith through the sacrament of Confirmation. Seventh Grade students discuss Scripture, including the Gospels, and speak about the life of Jesus connected to the Trinity. In Sixth Grade, we focus on the Old Testament and how we serve God to the best of our ability. Middle School History will focus on areas such as World Geography, the American Revolution, the Constitution, along with the Expansion of the West and the time period of the Great Depression. Students take part in research projects, class conversations, presentations, and current event topics.  In science class, the Eighth Grade students study watersheds and physical science - friction, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism.  Eighth Grade math students may take either pre-algebra, or algebra 1 through Lancaster Catholic High School.

Miss Peters - 8th.jpg

Miss Caitlin Peters, Teacher

My name is Caitlin Peters and I am the 8th Grade homeroom teacher/6-8th Social Studies/Religion teacher. I have many years of teaching experience.  My career began through the Archdiocese of Baltimore where I also received my Masters Degree. I then moved to Pennsylvania and began working through the Diocese of Harrisburg where I continued postgraduate work. I am a parishioner of St. Leo the Great Church and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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