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Art Appreciation

The Art program at OMPH School incorporates children's literature in the art lessons. Stories can be used to inspire a subject, show an art technique or introduce children to an artist. Art classes incorporate the visual arts in a range of subjects, such as Social Studies and Science. Mrs. Jacobs believes that integrating the visual arts into instruction makes the curriculum more meaningful to students, and is like building a bridge to connect art instruction and cultures around the world.


Mrs. Patricia Jacobs, Teacher Grades K-5

My name is Patricia Jacobs. I have been teaching K-5 Art at OMPH School for ten years. Prior to coming to OMPH School, I taught for over 30 years in the Lancaster School District. I have a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education, M.Ed., Reading Specialist certification and Reading Supervisor Certification.I worked as an elementary teacher and a secondary teacher. I was a reading specialist and literacy coach in both developmental and remedial reading programs.

Integrated Technology

All students in grades Kindergarten to Grade 8 have computer class once a week. Kindergarten through grade 2 focuses on mouse skills and getting to know the names of the computer and computer programs. Tux Paint is a popular program that the students can use to draw, type, or create beautiful artwork! 


Grades 3 - 5 work on perfecting computer skills like learning the formatting tools in Microsoft Office, searching safely for information on the Internet, coding, and making fun slideshow presentations.  


By the time the students reach grades 6 - 8, they are ready to show off the previously learned skills and create meaningful projects.  Creating a business, making green screen videos, editing photos, and exploring applications that will prepare them for high school and beyond are part of the curriculum.


Students in grades Kindergarten to 3 are given an iPad to use during the school year. The iPads are loaded with educational apps selected by the teachers. The students also learn how to navigate Seesaw, a program for student engagement where students can “show what they know” using photos, drawings, and videos.  


Students in grades 4-8 are given Chromebooks to use throughout the school year. Google Apps for Education provides a suite of tools for writing, slideshows, drawing, and email. Google Classroom is easily accessible for checking and turning in assignments.  The convenience of having a computer right at your fingertips has been invaluable!

Mr. Landry - TechnologyComputers.jpg

Mr. Charles Landry, Integrated Technology

I am beyond excited to join the OMPH School faculty this year as the Director of IT and Integrated Technology Teacher for grades K-8. I am originally from Massachusetts, though our family moved to Lancaster County five years ago. I have been married to my wife for seventeen years and we have six children together, all of whom will be attending OMPH School this year. Following high school and my undergraduate studies, I attended Suffolk University in Boston where I earned my Juris Doctorate degree. Upon passing the bar exam, I spent the next eighteen years as a trial attorney representing clients in a variety of civil matters ranging from personal injury claims to family court disputes. Presently, I am enrolled as a graduate student at Millersville University as I work towards a Master’s degree in Education. Aside from my roles at Our Mother of Perpetual Help School, I also volunteer as a Life Teen core leader for the OMPH parish youth group. I look forward to enlightening the students to all the exciting facets of technology, and hope to instill in them the importance of safely, and properly, using technology to create a better world for all of us. 


For the younger grades, each Library class starts with a story. We focus on how to take care of books, and how to look for books on the shelves by using a "shelf marker." We learn how to check out books and where to return them, along with what makes a book fiction or nonfiction, and the parts of a book. The older grades read/listen to a chapter book over several weeks, and students are introduced to different genres and the different sections of a library. We review library expectations and how to use a library no matter where you are.  We discuss call numbers and how to locate books and reference materials. All students also have free time to just read!

Mrs. Dreohaup - Library _ Instructonal Support.jpg

Mrs. Tammy Dreihaup, Teacher


The Golden Apple Award symbolizes a teacher’s professional excellence, leadership,

commitment to Catholic values, and devotion to teaching in Catholic schools.

My name is Tammy Dreihaup. I hold a teaching degree in Elementary Education from Alvernia University and Special Education Certification from Kutztown University. I am a graduate of OMPH School, a parent of an OMPH graduate, a lifelong member of OMPH Parish and a volunteer at the OMPH Community Food Bank. For over 20 years, I have taught at OMPH School in various roles. I enjoy welcoming the students into the library every week, and helping them to find the perfect book to read! The best part is when reluctant readers finally find “the book” that they are excited to read and want to read more. In addition to teaching library classes, I am also the instructional support teacher. The part I love most about teaching is that every day is different and I have the privilege of working with students from all grade levels.


Music class teaches note values by having students build musical measures and repeating rhythms using lego bricks with notes of differing values on the bricks. Building with lego bricks is far more fun than using just notes! Students in Middle School are taught about different genres of music such as Classical, Country, Rhythm and Blues and Motown. This all culminates in the 8th grade with a study of music history and watching a musical as a class.  

Mrs. Sands - Music.jpg

Mrs. Phyllis Sands, Music Teacher

I am a retired music teacher from the Wilson School District. I live in Myerstown and play for churches and direct choirs. I also entertain with my piano and sing for places like "The Village Haus" and "The Corner Coffee Shop" as well as private groups through-out local counties. I teach note reading and rhythms with the help of a computer program caller "Music Ace 1 and 2." This is interactive with the students. I believe it is a fun and engaging way to learn about music. Around Halloween, we learn a little bit about Johann Sebastian Bach and I play his Toccata in D minor for students on the organ. Lots of activities with the students will help make music class interesting for students of all ages.

Mrs. Dresch - Gym.jpg

Mrs. Dresch, Physical Education

Physical Education classes are held outside on our school campus’ Field of Dreams or in the gym if the weather is inclement. Our Early Education classes learn the “rules” of gym class, locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative movements, sharing, taking turns, and fair play. Elementary students focus on skills development, movement concepts and principles, and the importance of exercise. Middle School students practice responsible personal and social behavior in physical settings to develop an awareness of God in an environment of respect in a manner consistent with Christian teachings. Concepts of speed and agility are fine-tuned.

Miss Frymoyer - Spanish.jpg

Miss Frymoyer, Spanish

In Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, students learn various nouns in Spanish and focus on how to pronounce the word and write it. 3rd through 5th Grade students start to use the nouns they learned from previous years and begin to compose sentences in Spanish. They also start to focus more on Spanish grammar and their grammar rules. By Middle School, students are reading Spanish passages or questions and answering questions using complete sentences in Spanish.

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