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Science Fair Winners Announced

Recently, our 6th and 7th grade classes participated in the annual OMPH School Science Fair. Students were tasked with putting together a project, starting with a question and hypothesis. They conducted their experiments at home and then recorded the results on a board that was presented to volunteer judges. Thank you to all of our 6th and 7th grade students for participating!

The following students placed in this year’s Science Fair:

  • Cristiano Pereira (1st Place, Grade 7) with “Fight Fire with Fabric”

  • Lucy Kowitz (2nd Place, Grade 7) with “Leaf Me Be!”

  • Michael Neghiu (3rd Place, Grade 7) with “Bath Bombs”

  • Amelia Atkinson (Tie-4th Place, Grade 7) with “Hydroponics Soil vs. Water”

  • Harmony Pierce (Tie-4th Place, Grade 7) with “Ready, Set, Grow!”

  • Matthew Caramenico (5th Place, Grade 7) with “Can You Feel the Pressure?”

  • Ava Baumler (1st Place, Grade 6) with “Color Me Pretty”

  • Natalie Dresch (Tie-2nd Place, Grade 6) with “The Power of Electromagnets”

  • Nick Janke (Tie-2nd Place, Grade 6) with “The Magic of Levitation”

  • Luke Gibbons-Hunt (Tie-2nd Place, Grade 6) with “How Do You Like Dem Apples?”

  • Owen Carper (3rd Place, Grade 6) with “Will it Rust”

  • Xavier Clemson (4th Place, Grade 6) with “Mentos Geyer Experiment.”

All 7th Grade students who registered are eligible to submit their projects to the North Museum’s Science and Engineering Fair in March. Great job, students!

February 12- Science Fair
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