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Science Fair Winners Announced

The OMPH School Science fair was held on January 24. 6th and 7th grade students were encouraged to choose a topic that interested them. They began to research those topics back in September. Each student then came up with a question to answer, developed a hypothesis, and designed an experiment to test that hypothesis. Students kept notebooks to record their observations and data measurements. After the experiment was completed, they had to analyze their data to determine whether or not their hypothesis was supported by the experimental results. Finally, students had to publish their findings by preparing presentation boards.

Area scientists volunteered their time to judge the science fair. There were many outstanding projects, but the winners were, for 7th grade Ava Baumler, with the project, “Water Quality Matters” in first place. Patrick Landry took second place with “ Types of Bridges and How Much They Can Hold.” In third place was Natalie Dresch, researching “Ants Favorite Food,” and Makayla Iles with “Baking Soda vs Baking Powder tied for fourth place with Elliea Yarnes, “Caffeine & Basil.”

The sixth grade winners were led by Emily Sedlak, “Lights, Camera, Grow” followed in second place by Emmy Leonard, “Fuel the Fire.” Lily Flower took 3rd place, testing the best way to remove pet hair from furniture, and Jaxon Stoltzfus went fishing and tested the best type of bait to earn 4th place. In 5th place was William Neghiu, who tested “Eggs vs Vinegar” to see which type of vinegar was first to dissolve an eggshell.

February 11 - Science Fair
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