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2023 End-of-Year Awards

Reading Olympics Participants: Fourth Grade: Alaina Atkinson, Addy Garman, Mina Itle, Marty Kowitz and Marlowe Monaco; Fifth Grade: Lily Flower, Emmy Leonard, Emily Sedlak and Mary Grace Sheakley.

Quiz Bowl Participants: Elbert Addai-Yeboah, Matthew Caramenico, Peter Morris, Cristiano Pereira and Johnny Slegowski.

Future Cities: a hands-on cross-curricular program for students in sixth to eighth grade. Using the engineering design process and project management skills, students showcase their solutions to a citywide sustainability issue. Participants: Elbert Addai-Yeboah, Amelia Atkinson, Matthew Caramenico, Anthony Naimo, Peter Morris, Cristiano Pereira and Harmony Pierce.

Cursive Handwriting Award: Second Grade: Skyler Armstrong and Sabrina Pereira; Third Grade: Dorian Flower and Kira Sturman; Fourth Grade: Valentina Naimo and Alessio Pereira.

Perfect Attendance Award: First Grade: Giana Kohler; Third Grade: Katie Vaughn; Sixth Grade: Nicholas Janke.

The Presidental Award for Outstanding Educational Achievement: awarded in recognition of outstanding educational growth, educational improvement, educational commitment and intellectual development in academic subjects. Fourth Grade: Dominic Clemson and Caroline Sheakley; Fifth Grade: Lily Flower and Emmy Leonard; Seventh Grade: Emma Mikus-Cartagena.

The Presidental Award for Educational Excellence: awarded to students who have an ‘A’ average for their current grade, achieve 85% or higher on the STAR Test in reading or math and get a recommendation reflecting outstanding achievement from their homeroom teacher. Fourth Grade: Tyler Cumberbatch, Addy Garman and Mina Itle; Fifth Grade: Emily Sedlak and Mary Grace Sheakley; Sixth Grade: Ava Baumler and Natalie Dresch; Seventh Grade: Amelia Atkinson, Lucy Kowitz, Peter Morris and Cristiano Pereira.


July 9
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