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Catching up with Kindergarten!

Each year the Kindergarteners are paired up with the Fifth Graders as Prayer Pals! The Kindergarten students meet with their faithful, loving, inspiring, and kind Prayer Pals two times a month. During these get-togethers, the older Prayer Pals pray, encourage, and create art projects with the Kindergarteners.

The students also spend time reading stories, spending time outside in nature, talking about their favorite activities, and how they can work together to love, serve, and praise God. In the month of October the children worked together on two special projects. They created unique colorful leaf hedgehogs for their “Leaves Are Falling, Autumn is Calling” bulletin board.

The second project the students worked on together was a hanging heart mobile with the bible verse, “God is love, whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16. Three sets of smaller hearts hung from a larger heart. The first set of small hearts had each of their names on it. The second group of hearts described what each person liked to do in school. The third set of hearts described what each of the children liked to do outside of school.

Each time the students come together, Mrs. Gerhard’s Kindergarten class feels so blessed! They embrace, learn, and grow in their faith by interacting with their Prayer Pals, who work hard to be proactive role models in their lives.

October 23- Kindergarten
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