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Catching Up With Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting year where the students get to engage in many different educational and fun activities! One of our favorite concepts to teach are the colors because the students get to do so many hands on activities that incorporate language arts and math skills. Each day for three weeks, the students get to wear the color of the day and accessories to display what color we are learning about.

The children get an emergent reader that includes pictures and sentences that describe the color and incorporate new sight words we are learning about. As a class, we watch educational videos and listen to several stories that describe the color of the day. Throughout the three weeks the children are asked to bring in special objects that represent the different colors such as toys, food items, decorations, pictures, drawings, or snacks from home that depict the color we are working on.

We also watch a fun Google slide show — that discusses each color with songs, poems, and games — where they participate in singing, reciting, and unscrambling the color words. The boys and girls love when the teacher brings in snacks that represent the color they are working on. For example, on orange day, the teacher brought in eight different kinds of orange snacks that the students got to taste. We counted them and graphed which ones they liked and did not like. One of their favorite parts of each color day is getting to wear the color we are learning about from head to toe. The students also love when the principal, other teachers, and priests participate in our color days with us!

October 22 - Kindergarten
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