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OMPH Students Lenten Journey

Where did you meet Jesus today? Throughout the school year, the students of OMPH Catholic School use their eyes, ears, lips, hands, hearts and minds to be the Body of Christ for others. Seeing someone in need in class or on the recess yard, they offer help. They listen to a friend when they are down. They offer words of kindness to comfort them. They love others and are forgiving to those who wrong them. Most importantly, in the silence of their hearts, they offer prayers for their families and classmates who are sick, injured, or otherwise in need.

This Lenten Season our students will turn these acts of prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving into “Healing the Wounds of Jesus”. During Lent the students will keep in mind that when they are reaching out to others, they are reaching out to Jesus. When they see someone who is hurting and needs a helping hand, they will offer it as if they were comforting Jesus. Looking for ways to help someone is easy. Taking the time to stop and help someone is not as easy. It means giving up what we want to do and making time for someone else. The children are unselfish in their giving, unconditional in their love, and always ready to forgive. Every time they do an act of kindness, offer a prayer, or make a sacrifice, they do it with love knowing they are healing the wounds of Jesus.

March 3 - Lent
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