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"Children Helping Children" through Missionary Childhood Association

The Missionary Childhood Association, or MCA, is a program sponsored by the Diocese of Harrisburg. Their mission is “Children Helping Children.” Each month, students learn about a country that is helped through the MCA. Students also learn about a Saint of the month.

April’s country was India and Saint John de Britto is the Saint of the month. Our students learned that in India there are over 20 million Catholics. The missions there help the children from being day laborers, and help to provide basic necessities, health care, and education. St. Britto was born in Portugal in the 1600s. He knew he wanted to travel to India to establish the Catholic Church there. At that time, the people of India had not experienced much of either European culture or Catholicism. Saint John de Britto and his catechists became martyrs on February 11, 1693.

The Seventh Grade homeroom took charge of organizing our school’s MCA program two years ago. Last year, OMPH earned the Bishop’s Mission Award, acknowledging that our school raised the most money for the Missionary Childhood Association in the entire Diocese of Harrisburg. The Seventh Graders have come up with various ways to encourage the students in our other grades to donate their money to help children around the world. So far this year we have had themed and regular dress down days and played human-sized Candyland.

At the beginning of Lent, the Seventh Grade class created grade level slide presentations explaining Lent and the sacrifices we make as Catholics. A special dress down day was held this month, and in May, OMPH will have a Duck Carnival. “We also have a Mission Cart, which is available each morning for students to buy school supplies and seasonal items,” mentioned OMPH School’s MCA director, Mrs. Pickett. Donations of items to sell are always welcome for the Mission Cart! All proceeds go directly to our MCA program at OMPH School. Thank you to all who have donated and who have encouraged their children to donate throughout the school year!

April 30- MCA
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