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Making Beautiful Music Together

Oh what a joy to do music with students at OMPH!

Phyllis Sands is the new music teacher for our students. Music is her world! She is the organist/choir director at two churches and does entertaining with her piano and voice at various restaurants and civic organizations. Besides learning all the basics about music, she hopes to show everyone how to love music.

Mrs. Sands is a retired elementary music teacher from a Berks County school. She does not like being idle day after day. She is thrilled to be part of the OMPH family! She always trie to unite the students by having them all learn some of the same songs so they can take pride in their school. Our theme song for this school term is “We All Go to the Greatest School.” Mrs. Sands plans to have the entire school perform this for our finale at our Spring Concert in May.

For teaching ear training, note reading and note values, she uses the Music Ace program 1 and 2. This uses a lesson and a game to make learning more fun! The students are currently working on reading notes of the treble staff. Working with a steady beat will be our next focus which includes a variety of dances. This uses the entire body to feel the steady beat.

Through-out the year, Mrs. Sands will have students singing Christ-based songs, but also secular songs including melodies to remember information like the 50 states of America and also the Books of the Bible.

Our Spring Concert will be Friday, May 10. Hopefully, the concert will be in the church like it was for the Christmas Concert. Mrs. Sands would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful as she navigates through her first year at OMPH School. She has been very happy and looks forward to working here in the future with your children.

February 4 - Music
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