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Studying History, Geography and More in Middle School Social Studies

OMPH School students study a variety of topics throughout their Middle School years. Currently, Sixth Grade is exploring the countries of South America and their various features. “They are very much looking forward to researching The Galapagos Islands and using their creative art skills to draw and describe the rare species that call it home,” explained Miss Peters, Middle School Social Studies teacher.

The Seventh Grade recently finished discussing the Constitution by writing a letter to one of the Framers explaining why having the Bill of Rights is so significant. They also designed a website that expanded their knowledge of the Branches of Government. Some students went a step further and created “clickable” links to make their websites more realistic!

The Eighth Grade has completed studying the Jazz Age, where they learned about interesting individuals that helped bring us out of a period of struggle and loss after World War I. “The upbeat jazz of the multi-talented Louis Armstrong was a favorite amongst the Eighth Grade class,” mentioned Miss Peters. “We even connected one of the student’s projects from Black History Month into our lesson, and listened to his song When You’re Smiling,” she continued.

Each year, our Eighth Grade class participates in National History Day. This massive research project gives students the chance to create an exhibit, documentary, web site, or paper around a specific theme. This year's theme was Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas. The following students placed at the school level: Christopher Baumler (1st place, exhibit), Ellen Sakyiwaa-Yeboah (2nd place, exhibit), Emma Drum (3rd place, exhibit), and Roman Clemson (1st place, documentary). Two Eighth Grade students, Tatiana Rineer and Emma Drum, will be competing at the Regional level of National History Day this month. Their projects revolve around Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie. “Tatiana and Emma have been very busy collecting more research on their individual topics to present to the judges. We wish them the best of luck as they progress to this next level,” said Miss Peters.

March 26- MS Social Studies
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