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Use of Technology Flourishing at All Grade Levels

In an era where technology is deeply ingrained in our daily lives, the importance of computer and technology education cannot be overstated. The elementary and middle school students at OMPH are not just users of technology, but are becoming creators, innovators, and problem solvers in their own right. Let’s take a peek into what our young digital pioneers have been learning in their technology classes this year.

One of the fundamental skills being instilled in the students this year is keyboarding. Throughout the year, students in 4th grade through 8th grade have been competing to improve their typing accuracy and speed using an online platform called NitroType. Another skill that has been extensively developed in computer class is coding. In the first half of the year elementary students were introduced to the basics of programming through a fun and interactive platform known as Scratch Jr.

This visual programming language allows students to create animations, games, and stories by snapping together blocks of code, and introducing them to essential concepts such as sequencing, loops, and conditionals. Over the course of the second half of the year, the middle school students will delve deeper into coding by getting to know Scratch Jr.’s big brother Scratch Coding. Through hands-on projects and challenges, they will be honing their problem-solving abilities and gaining the confidence to tackle real-world problems with code.

In addition to coding, another computer class favorite this year was the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories, in which the students (in 5th grade through 8th ) worked together in groups to create a story in which the reader made choices along the way that shaped the direction and outcome of the story. The students used Google Slides to present this interactive experience.

In addition to the skills taught during computer class time, there has been a concerted effort by the

Technology Department to collaborate with grade-level teachers in order to bring technology components into their own classrooms. The sixth graders incorporated “green screen” technology into Mrs. DiNovis’ Science class by recording videos in which they presented news reports about important historical natural disasters.

Most recently, as part of their Social Studies class with Miss Peters, two eighth graders (Amelia Atkinson and Charlie Landry) each presented their National History Day submissions at the regional competition held at Messiah University in Mechanicsburg. Both students were awarded first place in their respective categories (documentary and website), and are moving on to the State finals in April.

In addition to hands on skills, in today’s digital age, being a responsible digital citizen is paramount. Throughout the entire school year students are continually taught internet safety, privacy, cyberbullying, and the importance of ethical online behavior. As often as possible, topics such as digital footprints and understanding the implications of their online actions, are reinforced and integrated into the weekly lessons. By empowering them with the knowledge to navigate the digital world responsibly, the Technology Department at OMPH is equipping them with vital life skills necessary for the 21st century.

With all that the students have been exposed to this year, it’s no wonder computer class is one of the highlights of the week for so many of the students at OMPH!

March 17 - Technology
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