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Welcome Back to OMPH School!

It is hard to believe that a new school year is beginning. We have been blessed with a wonderful faculty who will all be returning for the 2023-2024 school year!

We are excited to welcome back our current students and welcome all our new students to the OMPH school family. We have a few new specials teachers this year. Mr. Chaz Landry is our new technology teacher and support person for technology. Mrs. Phyllis Sands is our new music teacher. Miss Hannah Frymoyer is our new Spanish teacher. Mrs. Erin Blank is our new art teacher for grades 6 to 8.

We are so grateful to our Knights of Columbus for the continued work they do in our school to improve things. This summer some of the Knights helped our wonderful maintenance person, Sunny Hirsch change the old lights to new more efficient LED lights in the school. We also had some renovations completed in the teachers’ room and the nurse’s office. They did an amazing job!

We are looking forward to a year of academic success for our children, activities that involve them in their own learning, spiritual growth by sharing our faith with the children and fun!

If you have a child in Pre-K to 8th grade and are looking for a change in your child’s education, please contact me at Allow us to show you what a difference a Catholic Education can make in the life of your child.

Thank you for your support of our wonderful school!

Blessings, Mrs. Peggy Snyder

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