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4th Grade Saints - Models of Our Faith

Everyday we try to be like the saints and model the virtues of faith, hope and love. The saints had great faith which carried them through times of trial and persecution. Like the saints, we need to put God first in our lives and ask him for faith to sustain us. The children look to the saints as examples of faith. When the children pray, they are giving their faith to God. They believe that God will protect them. They believe that God will give them the things that they need. They believe that God will always forgive them. Jesus tells us that we must be like the little children to reach the Kingdom of God. Here are some interesting facts about the saints from our Fourth Grade students.

  • St. Helen is special because she discovered Christ’s Cross—Alaina A.

  • St. Cecelia sang God’s praises even when she was being killed—Isabel B.

  • St. Philip Neri went to hospitals to pray and heal the sick and dying—Parker B.

  • St. Anthony of Padua is the saint you pray to when you lose something and he will help you find it—Dominic C.

  • St. Ambrose is special because he baptized St. Augustine—Tyler C.

  • St. Blaise was able to heal throats and those with throat diseases—Jackson F.

  • St. Lucy was the patron saint of eyes because her mother was very sick and could not see—Addy G.

  • St. George was a brave knight who slayed a dragon and gave to the poor—Ted G.

  • St. Maria Goretti is special because she appeared to the boy who killed her and forgave him—Mina I.

  • St. Martin de Poores healed the Archbishop of Mexico with a touch of his hand—Martin K.

  • St. Francis Xavier was the patron saint of travelers and is the only saint who died on his way to India—Mason M.

  • St. Barbara is special because no matter what happened she still gave herself time to pray and perform miracles of healing—Marlowe M.

  • St. Angela Merici is special because she became a nun and taught young children—Valentina N.

  • St. Pius X was the saint who allowed the children to receive the Eucharist at age 7—Joseph O.

  • St. Leo the Great is a good saint because he prevented Attila the Hun from invading Italy—Alessio P.

  • St. Bernadette saw 18 visions of Mary at a young age but when her sister told her mom what she saw no one believed her—Maddie R.

  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary was not only a saint and ruler but she cared for the poor and sick by giving them food and serving them—Gibeon S.

  • St. Kateri Tekawitha is one of the first Native American saints—Caroline S.

  • St. Henry was a good leader and a holy, Christian emperor—Carter S.

The faculty and staff of OMPH School wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20- All Saints Thanksgiving
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