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Making Beautiful Music Together

The OMPH School Music Department is a busy place! In the classrooms, students are learning note values such as whole note, half note and quarter note as well as the importance of the rests. Although they are silent beats, they are very important. In Kindergarten, students are listening to the 14 movements of “Carnival of the Animals,” by Saint-Saens. To remember each movement, they are coloring a picture which will be put together as a book to bring home to their families.

In Middle School, students are reviewing note names, note values and dynamics by competing in a Quiz bowl fashion, and will be rewarded with an indoor snowball battle. Other classes have been doing learning stations in which they gain information regarding musical genres like Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Musicals and Pop Music. Once done with the stations, students will be writing lyrics and coming up with their own songs.

Our 8th grade class has been studying Music History this year, and are currently watching an Opera. They seem to be enjoying it! “I am privileged to be able to offer private instruction on piano and voice during the school day. Students come to the music “room” and have a 20 minute lesson. There are currently 31 piano students and 4 voice students,” Music Teacher, Mrs. Jen Rineer, explains. In years past, a group of piano players called “Piano Company” had been established.

Due to the inability to do lessons during the Covid years, the number of students in Piano Company became one. “I am happy to say that we have one Piano Company member who plays at Mass, and four students in training for this group. It is indeed exciting,” Mrs. Rineer exclaimed! Soon, the focus will switch to learning songs for the Spring Art and Music Celebration, which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2023. The theme of the production will be music through the decades. “Please plan on coming out and supporting our students for this!

As always, it is such a privilege and delight to share my love of music with the students of OMPH. I am thankful every day for each and every one of them,” beamed Mrs. Rineer.

February 5- Music Program
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